Wildflower seeds added to product range

handful of seed

Harrowden Turf Ltd have added wildflower seeds to their online product range for Spring 2016.

Meadowmat  seed boxes are designed to appeal to gardeners who want to grow their own wildflower area from seed.

Each attractively packaged box contains 20 grams of seed, enough to cover four square metres of ground.  Each box comes with full sowing instructions.

About Meadowmat Wildflower Seeds

There are four wildflower seed mixes to choose from in the range.  Each one mirrors one of the Meadowmat wildflower matting varieties.  This makes them ideal for patching and repairs as well as for cultivating new areas of biodiverse planting.

Traditional Meadowmat Wildflower Seed Mix: emulates an old-fashioned hay meadow.  Seed mix comprises 34 native perennial species with a nice blend of 70% flowering plants to 30% grasses.  Gives a strong burst of colour in late spring/early summer.

Birds and Bees Wildflower Seed Mix: Exactly the same as our very popular Meadowmat for Birds and Bees. 40 native species of flowers and grasses that are nectar rich (for the bees) and/or have seedheads that attract birds. 80% flowering species, 20% grasses.  Long flowering period.

Cottage Garden Seed Mix: A lovely blend of native and non-native plants that will bring colour and interest to the garden for years and years.  Nice range of colours, textures and heights.  Attractive to bees, butterflies and beneficial insects. 80% flowering species, 20% grasses.

Woodland Shade Wildflower Seed Mix: 38 species of wildflowers and grasses that thrive in light to moderate shade.  Ideal for sowing under trees and hedges where there is dappled shade.  Not great in heavy shade but at this price it’s worth a try. 70% flowering species and 30% grasses.  Mainly perennials so won’t need to be sown every year.

For more detailed information

Full seed mixes, sowing instructions and maintenance advice for each of the four new products can be found on the Meadowmat website at www.meadowmat.com