Meadowmat from Harrowden Turf

Meadowmat wild flower turf
– unrolling the potential of wild flowers

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Harrowden Turf Meadowmat is grown at our Norfolk farm alongside our turf and Enviromat sedum matting. It’s an innovative product that is essentially a piece of wildflower meadow established onto a thin layer of growing medium to form a biodiverse blanket. Meadowmat is laid in exactly the same way as lawn turf and saves the landscaper the months and months of frustration associated with trying to establish wild flowers from seed.
Extensive research and development has allowed us to develop a range of Meadowmat products to suit different aesthetic tastes, soil conditions and applications. This work is ongoing and is led by Production Manager Robert Allen.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure a range of species are present in MeadowMat, it is a natural product and we cannot guarantee that all species mentioned on the seed mix will survive or thrive in all gardens.