Harrowden Turf: Building For The Future

harrowden turf future

A look at some of the changes that are quietly going on behind the scenes at Harrowden Turf for the future benefit of our customers.

Harrowden Turf Ltd has seen another year of development across all aspects of the business. From production, customer services and delivery though to the supporting systems and IT. The Company’s Managing Director, Stuart Ridd-Jones believes al the work undertaken will create a strong platform to support future growth.

Striving towards even better performance in the future

“It takes a slick machine to delivery the right turf to the right place at the right time every time and this is what we are striving to achieve” Says Stuart.

He adds “Production Director Tim Cannon has the task of improving turf quality across all of our production sites. This has involved the implementation of new cultivation techniques and changes to maintenance regimes and harvest field operations. We hope customers will soon start to see the benefits.”

Stuart goes on to say “Alongside this we have invested in training from turf consultant Robert Laycock for 42 staff from our various Production and Customer Services teams. Robert’s training will reinforce Harrowden’s turf quality standard and technical product knowledge.”

Group Operations Manager Lee Andrew and Group Haulage Manager Richard Boyson and their teams have been focused on customer service and delivery performance. This is a key element in our development plans  and has led to continued investment in our IT systems. The aim is to seamlessly join our various teams and locations to help create a consistent customer experience.  Our customers will soon start seeing some of this new technology in action.  During early 2018 we will be rolling out a new delivery management and ePOD system.

In an unpredictable economic climate there continues to be significant investment. We are determed to continue to earn Harrowden Turf  a reputation for being the UK’s leading turf grower.

Harrowden Turf is a family owned business with national coverage but with local roots derived from our legacy businesses. We pride ourselves on competitive stable pricing and are well placed to support our customers’ businesses for years to come.”