Harrowden Turf launches mental health partnership with YANA

Harrowden Turf is pleased to announce a new partnership with YANA – providers of rural mental health support. As a result, a new Harrowden Turf delivery vehicle will feature YANA branding throughout 2021. It will be seen across the country.

What does YANA do?

YANA provides practical guidance and confidential counselling to those in farming and rural businesses. Farming or working in the countryside can be a demanding and stressful occupation. Consequently, many people involved with agriculture can feel isolated, depressed or unable to cope.

One in five people in the UK will experience poor mental health so Harrowden Turf is working with YANA to emphasise that no-one who works in the rural economy is alone.

What does this partnership mean? The objective of the partnership is to make more people aware of the focussed support that exists.

Stuart Ridd-Jones – Harrowden Turf Managing Director:

“If 2020 has taught us anything it is that we are stronger together. Whilst all businesses have had to adapt to the pandemic those within rural businesses often work alone. People can feel alone and struggle to access support services.”

Melinda Raker YANA Patron:

“YANA is delighted to take to the road in this way. This Harrowden Turf vehicle will help to ‘drive’ home the message that there is practical help and advice available to improve rural mental health.”