New Product Brochures Reflect Unified Brand

Harrowden Turf has launched new product brochures for Enviromat sedum matting and Meadowmat wild flower turf.

A brief history of Harrowden Turf Ltd

pallets of turf

Pallets of Harrowden Turf’s main product ready for despatch.

Harrowden Turf Ltd is an amalgamation of four old, established turf growers.

  • Q Lawns from Norfolk,
  • Turfland from Lancashire,
  • Stewarts Turf in Edinburgh and
  • Spearhead Turf from Cambridgeshire.

The merger took place in January 2016 and has already helped customers in a number of different ways.

A bigger and better turf supplier

Stuart Ridd-Jones, Financial Director says “The Directors of Harrowden Turf want to provide the best possible value for money and knowledge in the turf industry.  At the same time having the least possible environmental impact.  We’re already seeing improvements and with the sharing of knowledge, staff training and upgraded technology we aim to do even better as time goes on.”

Improvements to date include:

  • More efficient deliveries – to save money, time and carbon footprint
  • Sharing knowledge between Companies to improve products, pricing and customer service
  • Better IT systems for more speedier and more accurate order processing
  • Big savings on production and haulage meaning more competitive pricing
  • Redesigned website at is faster and easier to use

Introducing a uniform brand identity

The new brochure design is part of the process of presenting a uniform brand identity across all of the Company’s products and services.

All four of the Companies have strong brand identities, loyal customer bases and long-serving employees and so the re-branding is taking place gradually and with minimal disruption.

Meadowmat and Enviromat in particular are specialist products with highly recognisable branding.  Senior Graphic Designer, Tim Button was challenged with tweaking the product logos….and he’s done a good job of it.

Improved product brochures available in print or pdf

The new, improved product brochures for Meadowmat and Enviromat are full of information, easy to follow and beautifully illustrated.  Each brochure contains full technical specifications as well as design ideas, installation instructions and maintenance advice.

Brochures are available in print format or as a downloadable pdf.

Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy.