Wild Flower Turf Designed By You

wild flower turf

If you are in the landscape trade – either as a designer, a specifier or a contractor, you will doubtless be familiar with wild flower turf (aka wildflower matting).  But did you know that Harrowden Turf Ltd can grow wild flower matting that is bespoke to your project?

Five Standard Types of Meadowmat Wild Flower Turf and Countless Bespoke Varieties

Every landscaping project you tackle is different.  Different soil types, different aspects, different client wish-lists, different ecological considerations.

Harrowden Turf Ltd have already developed five “off the shelf” wild flower solutions. It’s usually possible to find something suitable among them.  What’s good about them is that they can be delivered at short notice.  As little as two working days.

If however, you have a precise wish list of species you need in your wild flower turf and you’re not planning to lay it immediately; bespoke matting is probably the way forward.

Minimum order quantity

There is a minimum order quantity of 500 square metres of any bespoke Meadowmat and we do ask for a 25% deposit upfront – just to confirm your commitment to buying.

Standard Meadowmat varieties have a minimum order of just 1 square metre.

How long does it take to grow bespoke Meadowmat?

The growing time all depends on the species mix and the time of year it is sown.  For example; an order for 80% grass mixture for an environmental scheme placed  in February could be delivered to you as early as May.

On the other hand, a seedmix comprising 100% perennial flowering plants that is ordered in August will likely be ready for despatch in March/April.  IF the weather is kind to us.

Talk to us, once we know what you need we can give you a more accurate time-frame.


Do I need to choose all UK native plants?

Not at all.  Provided that the species you choose are suitable for growing on the matting system, we’re happy to grow anything for you.  Perhaps you’d like to include prairie-type plants like Rudbekia, Echinacea or Verbena bonariensis?  No problem.

Who to contact

Please send your initial ideas for a wild flower turf seed mix to our Production Manager Robert Allen.

preparing for wild flower turf

Production Manager Robert Allen getting involved with filming a promotional video for Meadowmat

Robert will study your list and let you know if it can be successfully grown into a bespoke Meadowmat.  He’ll also give you some idea of the time scales involved.

Once you have agreed on a seed mix, Robert will bring the sales team in to agree a price with you.

It’s a very simple process and you’ll be supported through it.  Harrowden can give you regular progress reports if required. If you want to visit the production fields you’ll be made very welcome.

Email Meadowmat’s Production Manager for more information

Email Kev Harden for help with prices

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