Staff Training and Learning New Skills at Harrowden Turf Ltd

enviromat product training

Learning new skills and training are instrumental in Harrowden Turf’s success.

Harrowden Turf Ltd have seen some massive changes in the last 12 months.  Four  turf growing companies have merged to form one.  And it’s been an interesting process.  From a business point of view, one vital part of the merger has been to train staff to deal with new systems and processes.

Harrowden Turf employs 100 people.  There are four offices and two turf farms strategically placed across the UK.  Until relatively recently, the four turf growers operated as separate companies.  Each Company had slightly different strengths and very skilled staff.  Colleagues are now in the process of sharing ideas and knowledge to develop new strengths and iron out weaknesses.

Product training is a fine example of this

Peer-to-Peer product training

At Harrowden Turf Ltd we have a robust product range.  Aside from various grades of lawn turf, there is Enviromat sedum matting, Meadowmat wild flower matting, fertilisers and tools.

Meadowmat and Enviromat were developed on the Feltwell farm by Production Manager Robert Allen and his team.  The majority of the product information was compiled and published from Feltwell.

National Sales Manager Chris Carr  has recently been training staff and updating product information for his colleagues at Harrowden’s Islip, Southport and Edinburgh offices.

Chris  says “Nobody knows Harrowden’s products as well as Harrowden staff. Who better to fill knowledge gaps and inspire colleagues than the people who specialise in them? I asked Angela Lambert to help me with the training as she helped develop the market for Meadowmat and Enviromat” He adds “Back in the day, before Harrowden Turf was formed, peer-to-peer training worked well for us. I’d like to think that it will also help the new Company to move from strength to strength”

Product training and CPD courses for architects and landscapers

Besides internal product training, Chris Carr and his team offer CPD courses to architects, garden designers, landscape architects, re-sellers and of course, landscape contractors.  The CPD on green roofing is particularly useful for anyone designing a living green roof and wondering how to make it sustainable.

If you would like product training for your organisation on either turf, lawns, green roofing or landscaping with wild flowers, please contact Chris Carr about your requirements.