3 Reasons To Buy Direct From The Turf Grower

turf from turf grower

Buying turf? In this blog we discuss how buying direct from a turf grower can help you find the best price, most suitable quality and optimum freshness.

Ahhh turf. Any turf grower will tell you that no matter if it’s lawn turf, fine turf or wildflower turf, buying turf successfully is all about three things. Price, Quality and Freshness.

People have been laying turf for generations. Today, thanks to the wonders of the internet, modern transport systems and more knowledgeable turf growers, it’s easy to source turf. You can buy it from DIY chains, from garden centres, landscape suppliers, via your landscaper, online and yes, direct from the grower.

Each method of buying turf has a different set of benefits. Your local garden centre will be able to offer expert advice and can supply small quantities. Landscapers tend to have small vehicles that can deliver where there is restricted access. Buying online brings great prices but with fewer opportunities to ask questions, or even see the product “in the flesh”.
Buying direct from the turf grower also has its advantages.

Having worked in the turf industry for over 20 years, I know first-hand that the three most commonly asked questions are, “what does turf cost?”, “What sort of quality do I need?” “When can you deliver/will it be fresh”

Here’s how buying direct from a turf grower can offer assurance on all three questions

1. Price

When you buy turf from a re-seller (a DIY store or a garden centre who haven’t actually grown or harvested it themselves), that seller will have bought their turf from a grower. Now buying turf, or any other product, regularly and in large quantities does entitle the re-seller to a discount from the grower. However, by the time they’ve added in their transport costs, their handling costs, the risk factor and a profit margin, the price will have risen quite a bit. Buying direct from the grower – especially if they’re local enough for you to collect it yourself, can save you money. Make sure you ring round to compare prices between retailers and producers.

2. Quality

Nobody knows any horticultural product better than the people who have grown it. Your turf grower knows and understands the grass species that appear in his (or her) turf. They know the soil type, the roll strength, the day-to-day condition and what each grade of turf is suitable for.
If you have any questions about quality or suitability, the turf grower is the person to ask.

3. Freshness

Turf has to be just about the most perishable product known to landscapers. The time span between when it is harvested and laid is crucial for healthy establishment. If it’s left rolled up for too long it will die. The fresher the better. Buying direct from the grower means your turf can be harvested just before the lorry arrives to collect it, then it can be delivered direct to your door in the shortest possible time.

Are there any disadvantages to buying direct from the turf grower?

Of course, buying direct from the turf grower may have disadvantages too. They tend to deliver on huge lorries, they usually leave you to dispose of the pallet and they may have minimum order quantities.

The choice is yours ….

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