Blogging About Turf: Some Of Our Most Popular Blogs Of 2017


What Harrowden Turf has been blogging about in the first half of 2017

Each week, the team at Harrowden Turf aim to add at least one blogpost to the company websites.  Blogs are there to keep customers and colleagues up to date with news, product updates and ideas on how, when and why to use lawn turf, Meadowmat wild flower turf and Enviromat sedum matting.

Blog posts also help to answer questions at weekends and in the evening when Harrowden’s team of experts are not always on hand to answer the phone.

Some of these posts are up to four years old, but they are still as relevant today as they were back then.  What’s more, Google tells us that people are still reading these blogs… they must be useful!

Here is a roundup of our most viewed blogposts this year.   There are many others online.   Simply click on the link to view the blogpost.

Case studies and ideas for using Turf, Meadowmat and Enviromat

These blogs are great for garden design inspiration and for technical advice.  Find out how Harrowden Turf’s customers use our products.

Meadowmat:   Planting wild flowers on a slope

How Meadowmat was used to create a living green roof in Peckham, London

Enviromat:      Using Sedum matting as a pond edging

Turf:                  Large turfing project in Norfolk


Choosing the right turf for your project

Every turfing project has its own set of challenges.  Maybe your new lawn needs to withstand the rigours of children and dogs? perhaps budget constraints mean it’s important to get best value for money?  Whatever the brief, Harrowden usually has the right products to help overcome barriers.  These are just 3 of the blogposts that examine specific situations and suggest solutions.

Best turf for a family lawn

Dog resistant turf

Turf for shaded areas


Pricing a project

Sometimes you want to get an idea of what a whole project will cost – not just the materials and the delivery.  In these two articles we were blogging about project prices.

Wildflower turf cost

Sedum roof cost


Technical Information

We write a lot of blogs explaining the ins and outs of our products.   They’re designed to help specifiers, designers and gardeners to choose the right products for their work, ensure they have all the materials they need to help their products thrive, and then care for meadowmat, enviromat and turf once it’s installed.   Here are just three examples.   Visit the product websites for more like these.

Green roof weight

Is pre-turfing fertiliser really necessary? 

When to mow a wildflower meadow


Blogging about Lawn Care and Looking After Newly Laid Lawns

Lawn care is a huge subject and covers a whole host of topics from feeding, to mowing.  Seasonal lawn care, common lawn diseases, toadstools and a whole lot more.   As turf growers we want to help folks make the best lawns they can.  The following blogposts deal with questions that arise in the first few days and weeks after new turf arrives.

How to store turf

What to do if turf looks yellow

Caring for newly laid turf


The Harrowden Turf Team

What would any Company be without amazing employees.  These three guys are stalwarts of Harrowden Turf.  Chris has been with us for over a quarter of a century!  Meet the people who grow your products in these blogposts on the Harrowden Turf website.

Chris Carr – Sales Manager

Tim Cannon – Turf Production Manager

Robert Allen – Meadowmat and Enviromat Production Manager


If you’d like to make some suggestions for blogposts, or if you would like to do some blogging yourself, please email Sales Manager Chris Carr on