Lets Build A Garden – Week 4 – Construction

Week 4 Construction Pack

Lets build a garden – construction. So far – audit, inspiration, design and brief creation. So now the construction pack. What are you actually going to need to build a garden?

What will I need to build my garden?

– topsoil, turf boards, turf

– wildflower turf, are we going to adopt green roofs, decking, fertilizer,

– gloves, secateurs, loppers, trowel, spade, garden fork, fencing, rake

– hoe, garden hose, watering can, wheelbarrow, seeds or young plants

– compost, mulch, soil-tilling equipment, hard landscaping materials

What about tools?

The key question here is whether your project is strictly DIY or whether you are looking for some help. BALI has a directory of landscape contractors –


but if it’s just you then we have plenty of advice and support to help you whether it’s about the tools you need: –

 the best way to lay turf: –


or how to attract specific wildlife species to your garden: –

What are the key issues you are likely to face?

Are you trying to reduce water runoff and increase water absorption?


Realistically – how much time can you spend looking after the garden?

When you did the audit you may have tested your soil – what sort of soil do you have, and will it allow you to plant the types of plants you want?

Does the soil need improvement?


Which plants are you going to plant?


Watering your garden