Harrowden Turf makes delivery simple with “what3words”

Simple turf delivery is always good. Making turf delivery simple for businesses and customers is a holy grail. People buying from Harrowden Turf and its online brand – Turfonline can now book an exact delivery location using the latest location mapping technology – “what3words”

Don’t need the exact address

As a result, they won’t need to know their exact address or a postcode but by using  “what3words” both customer and business will know exactly where to deliver to the closest three metres. Turf delivery doesn’t get any simpler.

So, Harrowden Turf has followed the emergency services, the RAC and hundreds of other businesses in adopting “what3words” as the definitive location finder and making delivery simple.


Stuart Ridd-Jones – Harrowden Turf Managing Director:-

Turf deliveries can go anywhere – particularly when we are talking about new housing developments. Sometimes the roads and houses are all new. Adopting “what3words” means simple turf delivery, much less confusion and much more clarity with delivery instructions

We think we are the first horticulture business to adopt this technology. It’s all about adding value for the customer and making our order process just a little simpler

Thousands of deliveries a year

Harrowden Turf and Turfonline make thousands of deliveries in a year and they all need to be simple. How do you describe where you are when the road is brand new?

Whole country divided into squares

So, “what3words” has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and given each one a unique “what3words” address. These use unique combinations of three words from the dictionary. As a result, approximate descriptions can be replaced with an exact “what3words” address or Harrowden Turf can give it to them so we’re all using the same information.