Lets Build A Garden – Preparation


There is a long-standing proverb about proper preparation and how it can make the difference between a good job and an exceptional one. This is as applicable to garden planning as anywhere else. The time you put in now will make a difference.

Soil needs to be a light tilth (weird word), free of stones, clods of earth and raked so roots have a great chance to establish themselves and don’t have to struggle to find their way through the soil. Taking the time to dig in fertilizer, to establish the nutrients your soil needs and to clear debris will pay back.

The secret to creating a beautiful lawn lies in the ground preparation. Here are the basics …..

There are five crucial steps to laying turf properly

  1. Clearing the ground
  2. Improve the soil
  3. Create a firm level surface and feed the soil
  4. Lay turf carefully
  5. Keep new turf well-watered.

But its not just the soil that needs preparing. Is your existing turf staying or are you replacing it?



A new lawn from turf is a good investment and it makes perfect sense that you will want to make sure that it performs as well as it can. Get your lawn off to a good start with our top tips for keeping grass healthy.

There are 5 rules to caring for new turf

  1. Water regularly, never let the ground dry out
  2. Keep off the grass until it has rooted in
  3. Mow little and often once the grass is growing well
  4. Top up soil nutrient levels to encourage strong root growth
  5. Don’t allow fallen leaves or debris to accumulate on your new lawn